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What is the time frame for entering the awards?

Entries may be submitted any time from 12 noon Thursday, December 14, 2017 to midnight on Thursday, February 22, 2018 (NZDT). The system will automatically prevent entry submission after the deadline.

How do I enter the awards?

1.        Go to https://voyagermedia.awardsplatform.com/

2.       If you already have an Award Force account as a result of entering another Award Force award (for example Panpa), please log in. If you have forgotten your password, click on the link that reads "Have you forgotten your password?". This is on the log-in form, just above the 'Log in' button.

3.       If you don’t already have an Award Force account, please register (your password must be at least 8 characters) and follow the steps to complete your profile.

4.      Before you click on “Start new entry” you will need to go to your email and click on the verification link (in an email from the Newspaper Publishers’ Association). You may need to refresh the web page.

5.       If the verification email doesn’t show up in your email, check you junk / spam folder.

6.       Once you begin the entry process you can "save + close" your entry/entries and go back to edit them later.

7.       Once you submit an entry, you can go back into the system at any time to make changes – up until the entry deadline of midnight, Thursday February 22, 2018.

Do I need to enter online?

Yes, every category – including the newspaper, magazine and trade specialist publication categories – must be entered online.

What will I need to provide as part of my entry?

Material must be supplied as follows:

·         Stories should be in pdf format or, if digital, a direct website link to the story

·         Photos should be in jpg, jpeg, tif or tiff format

·         Videos should be m4v, mp4, mpeg4 or mov format.

·         Artwork/graphics should be ai or eps format. 

·         Interactive graphics can be uploaded as a URL in the statement of support or a page pdf as an attachment.

·         Cartoons should be in jpg or pdf format

Maximum file size is 400MB per piece.

Please give attachments an appropriate name that depicts what the entry is about.  All photos should have captions.

Entrants may provide a statement of support giving background to your entry. Each category has a specific word maximum. Please refer to the entry criteria.  

Will I be able to enter the awards from a smartphone?

Yes, the Awards Force website will run on all devices including smartphones. However, entrants will not be able to upload attachments using an iPhone or iPad due to Apple’s policy on attachments.

Do I need to post anything in as part of my entry?

The following categories need hardcopies of their entries to posted or couriered to the Voyager Media Awards office:

Category    / Sub-category    / No. of copies of the entry form   /  No. of newspapers / magazines / stories to be posted in
Feature writing    / Feature Writer of the Year (long and short-form)    / 2    / 2 sets of 3 features
Feature writing   /  Feature writing – specialist categories (long and short-form)   /  2    / 2 sets of both features
Feature writing    / Feature writing – sport, business    / 2   /  2 sets of both features
Feature writing    / Best feature writer -junior    / 2    / 2 sets of 3 features
Feature writing    / Best first-person essay or feature    / 2    / 2 sets of the single feature
General    / Best trade/specialist publication and/or website    / 2    / 2 sets of 3 publications
Newspaper    / Newspaper-inserted magazines    / 2    / 2 sets of 4 magazines
Newspaper    / Community Newspaper of the Year    / 2    /2 sets of 4 publications
Newspaper    /Newspaper of the Year (up to 30,000 circulation)    / 3    / 3 sets of 4 publications
Newspaper    / Newspaper of the Year (more than 30,000 circulation)    / 3    / 3 sets of 4 publications
Newspaper   /  Weekly Newspaper of the Year    /  3    / 3 sets of 4 publications
Magazine    / Magazine of the Year    / 2    / 2 sets of 4 magazines
Magazine    / Best magazine design    / 2    / 2 sets of 4 magazines

Post the Award Force entry forms and newspapers / magazines / stories, as required to:

Voyager Media Awards
c/- News Works NZ
PO Box 2941
Shortland Street
Auckland 1140

Alternatively, courier or hand deliver entries and the entry forms to:

Voyager Media Awards
c/- News Works NZ
39 Market Place (ground floor)
Auckland Central
Auckland 1010

What publication dates are eligible for entry?

All entries must bear cover dates from the 2017 calendar year. For example, a magazine that appears on newsstands or reaches subscribers in late December 2017 but has a cover date of January 2018 is not eligible (it will be eligible for the 2019 media awards). The same rule applies to journalists’ work appearing in print. A publication that appeared in December 2016 but has a January 2017 cover date is eligible.

A publication with a December 2016/January 2017 cover date will be eligible, as will a publication with a December 2017/January 2018 cover date.

Does this also apply to digital entries?

Digital entries must be published within the 2017 calendar year.

  • Best news website or app and Website of the Year will be judged live during March 2018.

Must the work have been published in New Zealand?

Yes, your entry must have been published during 2017 in a recognised form of New Zealand newspaper, magazine
or website. Qualifying media include:

  • Daily and weekend newspapers
  • Regional, community or suburban newspapers
  • Magazines sold at newsstand or by subscription, or a combination of both*
  • Free magazines with a minimum editorial content of 25%. *
  • Newspaper-inserted magazines.
  • Specialist and trade publications and/or websites*
  • News and current affairs websites

* Eligible publications must appear at least twice per year and must target a mass audience. Publications comprised largely of native advertising or advertorial without editorial content, will not be eligible.

Eligibility for all award categories will be at the sole discretion of the NPA.

Do I have to be living in New Zealand to enter?

Not necessarily. Entrants must be either New Zealand citizens, permanent residents aged 16 and over or students on a working visa and living in New Zealand at the time the work was published. This includes New Zealanders working overseas. 

Can I enter a multi-part story or feature?

Yes, you can enter two parts presented together as a single article, and cross-referenced.

If I enter Best photo - junior, can I enter that photo in another specialist category? 

Yes, you can enter the photo into ONE other specialist photographic category, and as part of a portfolio for Photographer of the Year.

Can I enter the same piece of work into more than one category?

While you can enter as many categories as you want, you are not able to enter the same piece of work into multiple categories, otherwise you risk being disqualified.  However, entries from specialist categories can also be entered into the following:

  • Best feature writer – junior
  • Best investigation
  • Best photo - junior
  • Best reporter - junior
  • Best (single) news story
  • Best videographer - junior
  • Business Journalist of the Year
  • Community Journalist of the Year
  • Environmental/Sustainability Award
  • Feature Writer of the Year (long & short-form)
  • nib Health Journalism Scholarship - junior & senior
  • Opinion Writer of the Year
  • Photographer of the Year
  • Political Journalist of the Year
  • Regional Journalist of the Year
  • Reporter of the Year
  • Reviewer of the Year
  • Science & Technology Award
  • Sports Journalist of the Year
  • Student Journalist of the Year
  • Videographer of the Year

The same story can also be submitted to both the best investigation and best (single) news story categories. 

A story entered into the Best innovation in digital storytelling (team entry) can be entered by the journalist into one other specialist category as well as Best Investigation and Best (single) news story, Reporter of the Year, Best reporter – junior, Feature Writer of the Year (long and short-form), Best feature writer - junior, Business Journalist of the Year, Community Journalist of the Year, Regional Journalist of the Year, Political Journalist of the Year, Sports Journalist of the Year and

Student Journalist of the Year.

Can I enter more than one award category?

Yes, there is no restriction on the number of categories you may enter.

Can I enter the same category more than once?

No, only one entry per person or team, the exception is:

  • Publishers can nominate up to THREE executives for Editorial Executive of the Year.  Publishers with an employee base of more than 500, can enter up to FIVE candidates.
  • Editors and publishers may enter multiple times the newspaper, magazine and website categories, if the publications are different.
  • News organisations may enter Best innovation in digital storytelling up to FIVE times.

I’m a new entrant to journalism. Can I enter categories other than junior awards?

The junior categories are open to individuals who have been employed in the publishing industry for two years or less at the time of publication. However, you are not restricted from entering other categories.

Student journalists, including interns, can enter any category, including Student Journalist of the Year, Best feature writer – junior and Best reporter – junior.

What is the date of the Voyager Media Awards dinner and where will it be held?

Friday, May 11, 2018 at Cordis, Auckland (formerly The Langham)

Who selects the judges?

The Newspaper Publishers’ Association in consultation with senior publishers and editorial directors.

Are the judges paid?

No, they do the job as a contribution to journalism.

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