2019 judges

View the judges for the 2019 Voyager Media Awards here.

Choosing the judges

Judges are selected from the ranks of former/retired newspaper and magazine journalists and editors, non-conflicted editors and journalists (such as from other countries), freelancers, academics, public relations executives and broadcasters. Judging panels of two are selected for each category, and for major awards three judges are appointed.

Each year the order of who judges what is changed, and new faces are introduced. Judges should not have direct ties with any newspaper or publishing group although we do allow freelancers to judge in a category they are not likely to enter.


Judging procedure

Judges assess and score all entries using the Award Force system, in consultation with their co-judge. The Newspaper Publishers’ Association takes no part in the judging process. Judges will be aware of only the results in their category.


Judges' reward

Judges are not paid other than with a gift of modest value. Most say they do it for the love of journalism and the honour of being asked to be a judge.


Email: voyagermediaawards@npa.nz
Jane Phare, NPA Awards Director, phone 021 500 995

Rick Neville, NPA Editorial Director, phone 021 279 6447.