Opinion Writing Winners’ and judges’ comments


Opinion writing - general and/or sport

Judges: Bruce Davidson Michael Donaldson

Max Christoffersen
Waikato Times / Stuff

Judges’ comment:
‘Max Christoffersen is pertinent, personal, real and clever. He has a knack of threading his own experience into wider themes of modern life, suicide and pets. While proudly local, his columns have a universality. His "emperor's new clothes" dissing of Mt Maunganui was irreverent and topical; his survivor's guilt take on suicide, took a well-covered topic and made it relevant and original. And his love letter to Jack, a stray cat, had just the right twist in the tail.’


Kylie Klien Nixon
SundayStar Times / Stuff

Opinion writing - humour / satire

Judges: Ant Phillips and Maramena Roderick

Madeleine Chapman

The Spinoff

Judges’ comment:
‘Madeleine stood out from a crowded and talented field with a refreshing, individual style where points were nailed so damned cheerfully without vitriol or apology.’


Opinion Writer of the Year

Judges: Glenn Conway and Shane Taurima

Simon Wilson
NZ Herald / NZME

Judges’ comment:
‘The go-to columnist for thinking about big issues and one of our best in the business. Wilson picks a wide range of subject matter to explore and the reader always learns something from his efforts.’